Industrial minerals: active fillers - eco friendly additives - raw materials


Veneta USA, LLC is the U.S. subsidiary of the Italian entity Veneta Mineraria Spain, a public company that creates, produces and sells industrial minerals. Veneta USA is part of a larger group of sister companies that provide economies of scale in terms of sourcing raw materials, production and distribution.

Veneta USA warehouses and distributes its products in the U.S. and Canada: active fillers, eco-friendly additives, and raw materials in form of powder, granular or lumpy, used in numerous industries: Abrasives, Friction, Steel, Glass, Lead Recycling, Foundries, Ceramics, Polymers, Coatings and many others. Veneta USA and the group supply and develop products for some world class corporates.

Our U.S. headquarters is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and we distribute our products through local warehouses along with a network of North American distributors.

Veneta has decades of expertise in raw materials sourcing technology, production and know-how. Our products have been approved and utilized by an extensive array of global industries and brands. Our materials not only add value but also deliver cost savings and improve the production processes of your final end product.