Myers Mixers – A World Leader in Industrial Mixing and Dispersing Equipment. The Myers Mixers design and manufacture of mixing and dispersing equipment has stood the true test of time. With over seventy years of engineering excellence, technology, and experience, Myers produces some of the most innovative industrial mixing and dispersing equipment in the industry.


Dedicated to the specific needs of its customers, Myers’ worldwide customer base relies on the innovation of a long time leader with core capabilities in industries such as adhesives and sealants, composites, paint and coatings, inks, aerospace, marine, and construction coatings, electronic pastes and many more. From simple dispersing to complex compounding of high-viscosity materials, Myers Mixers offers an equipment solution for your products and process


  • Adhesives & Solvents

  • Aerospace

  • Agriculture

  • Coatings

  • Composites

  • Construction

  • Electronic

  • Household

  • Paint & Ink

  • Personal Products

  • Rubber

  • Water Purification


  • Agitating/Blending

  • Dispersing

  • Dissolving

  • Emulsifying

  • Homogenizing

  • Hot Melts

  • Liquid Mixing and Emulsions

  • Liquid and Powder Incorporation

  • Nano Particle Introduction

  • Pre-Pre Mixing

  • Silicones

  • Suspending